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4you safety offers you a wide range of workwear.

In most cases when when we hear the word "overalls", we usually imagine working clothes, but this is not at all, since the concept of "overalls" is much broader. More often than not people do not even guess what it's for. First of all, PPE is designed for our comfort and convenience, no matter what profession it is intended for - a doctor, a builder, a cook, an auto mechanic, a fireman and so on. If a person feels comfortable, then his work capacity will be much higher. The quality of the material, its cut - everything is designed for the convenience of movement and protection.

Secondly, overalls protects a person from an external unfavorable environment. For different work clothes different materials are used, depending on what kind of protection is required for a certain type of activity:

Protection from toxic attack substances, protection from overheating or overcooling (from temperature drop), protection against bacteria, protection against dirt, semi-overalls, protection against light and medium mechanical impacts of shocks, falls, etc., protection from the effects of minimal visibility (in such overalls There are reflective bands and bright materials), protection from water, protection from poisonous and dirty air. Overalls can consist of many parts: a suit, overalls, warm clothes, camouflage, robe, helmet, hat, shoes, shoes, boots, boots, masks of various kinds, apron, waistcoat, sleeves, gloves, mittens.


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Taking care of your safety is one of the key and paramount tasks of our company.

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